Puppy Questionnaire

Cut and paste this questionnaire into a new e-mail – then just type in the answers.  A new line will automatically be created each time the right edge is reached.

Puppy Questionnaire


Name :

Physical and Mailing Addresses:

E Mail:

Phone #:

Do you hunt?  If not, why do you want a Bracco? 

Describe your home:

Do you have a fenced yard?

What is your job? If married, your spouse’s job?:

Do you have children?:

Do you have other dogs?:

Why do you no longer want that breed?

How did you learn about Braccos?

How often (realistically) will you be able to train and hunt your Bracco?

What obedience or hunting training experience do you have?

When not hunting, the Bracco is a dog who needs a mental job – what do you plan to do with yours?

Who is your veterinarian? (Name and contact info)

Where will your dog live?:

Where will he be, and with whom, during the day?

Where will he sleep at night?: