Our Braccos

We have been lucky enough to find some amazing dogs since we started our Bracco search almost 15 years ago.  We now have between 7 and 12-14 Braccos at any one time, depending on who’s pregnant, who has whelped and how many pups are yet to be placed.  Our male, Eros, is phenomenal – sweet, studly and gorgeous.  We still have Alba, the wonderful bitch with whom we started – she’s now 13  years old.  From oldest to youngest, Leila, Ziva, Bambina, Serena and Silva are our breeding females.  We’re just now planning to bring over a brown male from Cascina Croce kennels in Italy to assist Eros in his fatherly duties – stay tuned for that.  All of our dogs live in our home, sleep with us and try their best to sleep on our couches – although, with new furniture, Alba is the only dog to be “grandmothered in” with couch privileges.  Feel free to check out each dog’s webpage for their bios and photos.
Bracco Couch-HD