Our Breeding Philosophy

We, as Bracco Italiano breeders, feel it is our responsibility to continue what the Italians have done so well for more than 500 years.  They have consistently produced a birdy, intelligent, healthy, driven hunting dog, and are dedicated to continuing.  In the US, when a versatile pure breed becomes popular, a parent club is formed.  In the beginning, the breed’s original purpose (i.e. hunting) is the main focus.  Slowly, there is more arguing about the focus of the breed – and since conformation showing is so important to so many people, AKC recognition is desired by some in the original “parent” club. With AKC recognition comes popularity.  The breed then becomes widely known and backyard breeders take over, with little or no regard for health or quality, let alone the original reason for the breed.

We stand for continuing to hunt the Bracco, just the way the Italians have done.  We want to breed healthy, happy, intelligent family-friendly Braccos, and will try, as much as we can, to place them with hunting families. We do not want AKC recognition and feel that we can do very well without that questionable umbrella. We feel that NAVHDA (National Versatile Hunting Dog Association) is a wonderful asset that Bracco owners should introduce themselves to.