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Dan Koon and Radigan Koon

Dan Koon has been making something out of nothing for pretty much all his life.  He’s done leatherwork, made knives from the ground up (forging using old steel) and now is refurbishing vintage and antique straight razors.  He and his son Radigan have started a store on Etsy.com which showcases their skills, all done in our shop on our small ranch in southwestern Colorado.  Most, if not all, of the material they use has been collected over many years, and is usually made up of things most people would throw away; this makes his wife Lane crazy, but he amazes her by almost always having the piece he needs somewhere on the place (even though she tried to clean it up for years!)  Dan and Radigan are both hunters, and Dan outfitted and was a taxidermist for years.  This means he has a personal knowledge of what makes a knife invaluable to a hunter or, for that matter, anyone needing an excellent knife.

Dan and Radigan have a strong feel for older times and older equipment, and have also made many of the tools they use, most recently a forge and a wooden belt grinder.  Not only are these machines less expensive than factory-made, they also have more “personality.” 

Dry Creek Craftsmen love to do custom orders, and are already becoming well-known for working with their clients to create exactly what was envisioned by the customer, no matter how specific the desire.

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